What’s in Running?

“Don’t run away but run to achieve good health”

Hi folks, it is that time of the year when you should start practicing for the upcoming India’s biggest Mumbai Marathon on 17th January 2016. Running into different categories,people are now aspiring to join different training centres to prepare for full and half marathon. So, let’s know all about running.

How to run like a Champ?

Running is not easy as you think. It not only involves lot of efforts but also should be done properly to avoid injuries and experience greater health benefits.

Step 1 : Mentally prepare yourself for discomfort you will face in the initial training period. It will require lot of willpower in the beginning but when you yourself notice the positive change you would never stop.

Step 2 : Establish a basic level of fitness before achieving great miles. Start from zero and increase your level gradually. If you try to do more at once, you will end up harming yourself.

Step 3 : Warm up is necessary before running. Walking and basic exercises can help. Brisk walking for 5 minutes may help. Please do not stretch with cold muscles this would lead to injury. This may lead to shin splints, calf muscle pull, hamstring strain and much more.

Step 4 : Choose right clothing which will absorb moisture and proper sports gear specially shoes. You can get blisters or it may get worse because of improper shoes. Don’t forget to change them every 450 – 800 km.

Step 5 : Breathe steadily and rhythmically. Breathe once every 2 strides. Breathing either from mouth or nose doesn’t matter but the whole idea is to get enough oxygen for the body. Relax in regular intervals.

Step 6 : Body posture should be correct. Look straight, relax your hands, keep your arms at 90˚, lean forward while running and keep your hips stable and forward

Step 7 : Aim for landing your foot below your hips and not in front and don’t strike the ground hard.

Step 8 : Sip more water. Stay hydrated throughout and consume more carbohydrates but cut loose on weight.

Step 9 :  Cool down properly after finishing your running target by jogging or stretching. It’s important for your heart rate to stabilize back gradually and not instantly, so it does not get hard on your heart.

Step10 : Join a training centre or get a personal trainer. An advice from the expert matters at the end of the day.

Hard-work reaps Benefits

Above steps may look very strenuous to follow these but the results will amaze you completely.

1. Body gets into a better shape. You get a natural glow and a slimmer body.

2. Strengthens immunity and increases stamina. Controls blood pressure and increase bone density.

3. It strengthens lungs and you become physically stronger.

4. Relieves from stress and anxiety. Ensure a good mental health.

5. It boosts your confidence, which prepares you to take over the world.

Now stop giving excuses and start running because a fit person is one who delivers best in every sphere and get all the applauds.

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