Ways to Healthy Life

“If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way. – Napoleon Hill”
Hey buddies, hope you are in the best of your health and spirit. It’s a great deal to be a fit person in this fast paced life. It often happens that we skip are routine exercises and gradually we fall pray of diseases and obesity. So, here we are, sharing with you 15 healthy habits.
1) Consider walking in office every hour or at least stand up at desk and stretch. According to Science (journal), obese people sit, on average, just two more hours per day than lean people. German researchers found that every two hours you spend on your butt each day increases your risks for lung, colon and Endometrial cancers by 6, 8 and 10 percent.
2) Listen music to only a cure for boredom; it’s also a way to improve performance, increase motivation, and reduce distraction.
3) A warm shower before bedtime can lower body temperature, slowing down metabolic functions such as heart rate, breathing, and digestion. It can even help you sleep.
4) For increasing energy, you should take a 20-minute nap, especially in afternoon between 1 – 3 pm. That puts you into sleep’s shallow, restorative stages, which can improve your attention and increase your productivity.
5) Try cinnamon for flavor in your coffee rather than cream and sugar. Cinnamon has fewer calories than cream and also it can reduce triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, blood sugar levels and contains antioxidants to boost the immune system and may even improve brain function.
6) Dark chocolate helps regulate the stress hormone Cortisol and stabilize your metabolism.
7) Hands contain a ton of bacteria, so medical professionals say it’s important to scrub them thoroughly with soap and water as frequently as possible.
8) Science shows that switching to a smaller plate could reduce your calorie intake by 20 percent.
9) 90 percent of our waking hours are spent staring our phone, television, and computer all have screens that emit artificial light, which suppress the release of Melatonin, necessary for sleep. So, limit their uses.
10) Eight glasses of water a day helps to keep you full, energized, and extra focused. It also cure hangovers and keeps colds at bay.
11) Fruit is generally a much better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than traditional desserts. They can provide fiber and antioxidants.
12) Eat raw fruit or vegetables with every meal. Try, a green side salad, a slice of melon, berries, a few carrot sticks and cucumber slices. You get more nutrients, intake more fiber and potentially helping your body lose weight, retain energy, and decrease hunger.
13) Stressful days can turn into sleepless nights. Before turning out the lights, dedicate five minutes to meditation resulting in better night of sleep, which means a more productive tomorrow.
14) When we eat quickly, our bodies may not realize how full they are, which causes overeating. So enjoy what you have, slow down, pause before you grab seconds, and stop eating when you feel full.
15) Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
Hope you practice some of these hacks and for more fitness titbits keep reading blogs from www.limehoney.in

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